Thursday, December 31, 2009

Roses Colours & Meanings

Red - Red roses are the traditional way symbol for love and romance, and also a representation of "I love you" in a time-honored way. The red rose symbolizes long beauty and love and is the best way to express your deep feelings to someone special to you.

Yellow - The bright, sunny colour of the yellow roses evokes a warm and happy type of feeling. These warm and happy feelings are normally associated to true friendships. Yellow roses symbolizes ideal joy and friendships.

White - White roses represents innocence and purity. The white roses are normally associated with marriages and new beginnings. It also symbolizes honor and reverence and is often used as an expression of remembrance.

Pink - Pink roses symbolizes grace and elegance. It is often used as an expression of admiration. Pink roses can also express appreciation and joyfulness. Pink roses impart a gentler meaning than the meaning of that red roses represents.

Orange - Orange roses represents the desire of enthusiasm due to its blazing colour. It is used to symbolize passion and excitement as an expression of fervert romance.

Lavender - Lavender roses are perfect symbols for enchantment because of its unique beauty and fantastic appearance. The lavender rose is often used to express love at first sight.

Black - Black roses practically does not exist. Normally, it is dyed to be black from the other original colours of the roses. Black symbolizes death.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Semester

It's been awhile since I dropped in my own blog. For some reasons, I'm back, well for at least "awhile". New semester started, currently in Gamma 3rd semester. Set some few targets during this new sem:

1. More peservare in studies ("hopefully" haha)
2. More exercises. (getting more n more fats LOL)
3. Improve socializing.
4. Some changes in style. (perhaps? xD)

Pretty much bout that, results coming out this Thursday, hope everybody gets the best out from the worst :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Latest Swimming Pool Timetable

Swimming is also now offered as one of the co-curriculum subject under the code CSW1010. Please take note that registration will be base on first come first serve and places are limited to 20 students per session.CC001 will be opened for male while CC002 will be for female student.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Multimedia University

It juz so happened that I browsed through the net and found Multimedia University in wikipedia lol...

Faculty of Engineering

This is where I'll be stuck for the next following 3 yrs.

New Swimming Pool

Quite a nice one despite its rules and of cuz entrance fees lol.

Grand Hall

The place where fear comes true at the end of every trimester =)

Histories or more info could be obtained here

Happened to accidentaly found out SRC's blog too. I didn't even know it exists xD -

Was actually looking for this

Indoor Sports Centre Schedule

* Indoor Sports Centre is a multipurpose hall and not for badminton only.




Student : RM 1 per session
Staff : RM 2 per session
Guest : RM 3 per session

Swimming pool schedule

Got it all from SRC blog. Hehe.

New Place

Juz to share... this is where I'll be living in for the next one yr. It's nt tat spacious, but a room to myself is nice =)

Looking kinda dusty lol, but I've had it cleaned up anyway.